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Learn the basics of this game.

MetaMask required

In order to play this game you need to install MetaMask. MetaMask is a crypto wallet with browser extension, which allows you to interact with this game.

Download MetaMask, add ETH to your wallet and start playing!

1. Buy cars from the auction

Start your car rental business by acquiring one or more cars from the auction. Add cars to your garage will start earning TOKI. Learn more about the auction

2. Add cars to your garage

Invest TOKI to upgrade your cars. Upgraded cars will not only look better, they also generate more earnings. Learn more about your garage

3. Earn TOKI

The cars in your garage will generate TOKI which you can collect in your wallet. Learn more about TOKI and cars




You decide how to run your car rental company.

Toki Car is an idle tycoon game on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is still in beta and is not audited. Do not invest money you are not willing to lose. This is just a game so treat it this way.

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