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Toki cars is an idle game build on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect and upgrade cars to increase your TOKI earnings.

Other DeFi applications and NFT games can be complex if you're new to crypto. We created this simple idle game so people can familiarise themselves with DeFi mechanics and tokens.

On this page we give a high level overview of the game mechanics. We won't go into much details as it's more fun to discover it yourself. If you really want to know the specifics you can always check out the smart contracts.

The code has not been audited so the game should be used on your own risk. Toki cars is a game and should be treated this way. Do not invest money you are not willing to lose.


Buy one or more cars at the auction to start your car rental business. For each type a total of 15.000 cars will be made available through the auction. As there are 20 types this results in 300.000 cars.

When a car is bought, the next car from the same type will become available to buy. The start price of a new car on auction is defined by a formula which can be found in the smart contract, and will go down to a minimum of 0.01 ETH over 4 days.

It's possible to buy multiple cars of the same type at once. In this case all cars bought in the transaction will have the same price. Buying multiple cars at once will save on transaction fees (gas cost).


There are 20 different types of cars available in this game. Each car has a unique color within its type. Cars of a higher type will generate more earnings.

A car in this game is a non-fungible token (NFT), confirm the ERC721 standard. Cars are unique, only have 1 owner and the ownership can be transferred. This means cars can be traded on secondary markets.


After you have bought a car, you need to put it in your garage to start earning TOKI. There are 2 multipliers to boost your earnings.

When a car is in your garage, it can be upgraded. Higher level cars will earn more TOKI. You can upgrade multiple levels at once to safe on gas fees.

Tokens sale

To give new players a kick-start and the ability to familiarize with the game, extra TOKI can be bought. You can buy 10 TOKI for 0.01 ETH. In the first 8 weeks after launch, the amount of tokens you get will be doubled.

There is a limit to the amount of TOKI sold to players. Other TOKI are reserved for earnings.

Toki Car is an idle tycoon game on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is still in beta and is not audited. Do not invest money you are not willing to lose. This is just a game so treat it this way.

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