Toki Cars

Idle game on the Ethereum blockchain

Idle car rental game

Create and improve your car rental empire

Start your car rental business by acquiring one or more cars from the auction. Cars in your garage will start earning TOKI.

Upgrade cars

More revenues through better cars

Invest TOKI to upgrade your cars. Upgraded cars will not only look better, they also generate more earnings.

Trade cars and TOKI

Ethereum blockchain

The cars in this game are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC721 standard. TOKI coins are based on the ERC20 standard.

Get started now!

Buy one or more cars from the auction and start your car rental business today. It's easy.

New to blockchain games?
This is for you!

Current DeFi applications and NFT blockchain games can be complex if you're new to crypto. With this game you can familiarize yourself with DeFi mechanics and tokens in a fun way and at a low cost.

Many crypto owners hold for the long term, but still follow up daily because it's fun. With this game we want to create the same feeling.

Cars and TOKI are tradable which creates an extra dimension compared to other idle games and allows for different strategies in the game.

What's next?

A car rental business is just the start.

Plans to extend this game will be announced later. In the end we want to create a mini economy, where the community is in charge of extending the game.

Toki Car is an idle tycoon game on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is still in beta and is not audited. Do not invest money you are not willing to lose. This is just a game so treat it this way.

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